The Shockwave Start

Golf hasn’t given the world this much to talk about since that thing with Tiger Woods.

Thinking shotgun start? Think bigger. Katatumbo brings professional daytime fireworks to your next golf outing. Check it out!

Wedding Packages

Brides, this is your chance to give your soon-to-be husband a wedding gift he’ll remember forever. Grooms, show her how happy you are that she is the one. { We think it might go something like this: “Husband, the fireworks are beautiful.” “Not as beautiful as you are, Wife.” Feel free to improvise something less cheesy. }

Whether you want a feature-length show or one or two precisely placed pyrotechnic accents, we can build a reception show that is perfect for you.

Custom-Designed Shows

Whether you know what you want or have no idea, we can help. Tell us about your event today!