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It’s Wedding Season!

You’re getting married? Someone you love is getting married? Someone you’ve never met before is getting married? Time for fireworks! Right? Who’s with me? Gorgeous, aerial fireworks displays make for an amazing close to your wedding reception. Tell us your budget and we’ll build a custom show, just for you, or if you’re a REALLY [...]

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Announcing The Shockwave Start

Attention, golfers. The shotgun start has evolved! Shotguns are great…in the woods. Fireworks are great EVERYWHERE. Katatumbo is proud to announce our newest service, designed specifically for golfers, The Shockwave Start. Begin your next golf outing with an impressive display of daytime fireworks. We are offering a variety of expertly designed Shockwave Start packages starting [...]

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Tying the Knot?

So, as it turns out, fireworks season directly coincides with wedding season. If your reception is outdoors, partially outdoors, or in a building with windows, we think you need to have fireworks, and we want to give you 10% off any wedding-related fireworks. Most of our employees think ANY occasion warrants fireworks. (“Remembered to put [...]

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