About Us

Katatumbo Fireworks is comprised of a team of pyrotechnic experts. { Why it’s cool that we’re experts }  They like to tell their friends and families that they blow things up for a living.  They think it sounds tough. We think that makes them sound, well… unbalanced. But we wouldn’t have them any other way.  They might not wish to take credit for the beauty that follows the explosion, but we’re going to give it to them anyway.

Katatumbo serves Pittsburgh, Western and Central PA. We have the access, the capability and the expertise {not to mention the permission of the federal government} to design a professional display fireworks show that will fit your needs and budget.  And yes, we have the big stuff!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, your show isn’t too small for us.  Even if just one perfectly placed shot will make your event, we want to hear from you.  Why don’t you tell us your ideas, and we’ll get started!

What’s In a Name?

So what’s with our funky name, anyway? Let us tell you all about it.