Our sparkler is bigger than yours. {Please stand back 500 feet.}

Yes, we have the big stuff. No matter the reason for your celebration, we can help you make it truly memorable. We'll design your show to fit your event, your space and your budget. Tell us about your event today!

A little girl, fascinated,  holds a sparkler in her yard.

a little about us

Katatumbo serves Pittsburgh, Western and Central PA. We have the access, the capability and the expertise {not to mention the permission of the federal government} to design a professional display fireworks show that will fit your needs and budget. And yes, we have the big stuff!

Why don't you tell us about your event, and we'll get started!

Katatumbo Fireworks, LLC is a proud member of the Armstrong County Tourist Bureau and The Venango Area Chamber of Commerce.

PGI seal with Green Man The Pyrotechnics Guild International.